So glad you're here!

Who buys a theater that seats 340 people during a pandemic; I DO!

I'm Kristy Balthazor, the proud owner of Center Stage.

In Feb. of 2021 I was invited to join several local leaders and the Greater Eureka Springs Chamber of Commerce to get involved in a project that would have the Young Americans Organization put down roots in Northwest Arkansas. 

Welcome to Center Stage.

The minute I walked into this theater, I knew that I needed to take care of Center Stage.

Shining the spotlight on the God given talents of artists is so much more fun than the 25 year career I had left behind in the insurance and risk management industry. On May 28, 2021, a cast of 23 Young Americans opened their show “A Place Called Home.” They won the hearts of the Eureka Springs community with their kindness, energy and talents. I have great appreciation for the talents of others and get a great deal of enjoyment in hosting their performances.  

Ready to book?

We have refurbished the theater, the dining area and lobby giving the venue greater flexibility for hosting a variety of events including theater productions, concerts, and performing arts shows. The dining area is a beautiful spot for hosting wedding receptions and celebrations.  

I am blessed to live in the natural beauty of Northwest Arkansas. In my free time, I enjoy Table Rock lake life including paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking & exploring waterfalls.

I’ve won the trifecta to live on Holiday Island, enjoy the quirkiness of Eureka Springs and quick access to the thriving business economy of Rogers & Bentonville AR.

 Mostly, I enjoy all the people I’ve connected with in each area; they are absolutely delightful!

A few of our favorite moments

A mardis Gras Celebration

The Young Americans Tour 2021

A Wintery wedding

Is something